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Doctor Who No. 9 - Cover B by onegemini Doctor Who No. 9 - Cover B by onegemini
Comments seem to have run their course, so I'm shutting them down. Many thanks to all of you who commented (and stayed on topic)!

"Doctor Who (Ongoing) #9 Cover B, IDW Publishing", November, 2009. Pencil layouts, digital inks and colors in Photoshop.

Click to embiggen.

For a preview of the first five pages of this issue, click here --> [link]

To see a "trailer" for the issue, click here --> [link]

What it says on the tin -- this is the "B Cover" (the second cover -- the "A Cover" is by Paul Grist) to the ninth issue of IDW Publishing's Doctor Who comic book series.


Written by Tony Lee, art by Blair Shedd, covers by Paul Grist and Shedd.

"Don't Step On The Grass" Part 1 (of 4): When the Doctor is called back to modern-day London by Martha Jones and U.N.I.T., the last thing he expects are the Enochian Angels of Elizabethan magician John Dee, the secret underground library of Greenwich Park, and an army of angry living trees!

While *CharlieKirchoff is the colorist on the interior pages, from lines to colors, this cover was done by me (I wanted to have at least one thing I did all by my lonesome ;) ).

This issue (and my entire four-issue arc) is collected in "Doctor Who, Vol. 2: Tesseract" available at comic shops and bookstores everywhere, and internationally, and you can now even pick them up digitally via iTunes and Comixology.

Many thanks to `IanStruckhoff for suggesting this as a Daily Deviation, and a thank you to `majnouna for featuring it.

This is my second DD, my first being The Ten Doctors. I feel very honored that not only has Doctor Who brought me my first mainstream comic book gig, but also so many awesome new viewers on dA.

I apologize ahead of time if I can't thank everyone for every fav, because I know how this can pile up rather quickly, so I'll say it right here; thanks for looking, thanks greatly for faving, and thanks very much for watching.

Thanks again everyone!

Image is 2010 IDW Publishing
Doctor Who and all appearing related characters and images are 2010 BBC Worldwide

Daily Deviation

Given 2010-03-19
Doctor Who No. 9 - Cover B by ~onegemini: "A long-time Deviant's first work for hire at a major comics publisher, and it happens to be a brilliant, dynamic piece." ( Suggested by IanStruckhoff and Featured by Majnouna )
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