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Martha Jones Doesn't Look At Explosions by onegemini Martha Jones Doesn't Look At Explosions by onegemini
As there always seem to be fan spats and/or bitchy fans having it out or venting in my Doctor Who deviation comment sections, I've just elected to close comments on all Doctor Who pieces from here on out. Read more about why here --> [link] <-- Sorry - but the loud minority finally torqued me off.

"Doctor Who: Martha Jones Doesn't Look at Explosions," February, 2013. Drawn in Manga Studio EX 4, colors in Photoshop CS2.

As mentioned on the original blog post where I posted this -> [link] <- I drew this specifically in hopes of giving a copy to Freema Agyeman (the actress who portrayed former companion Martha Jones, if you didn't already know) at Gallifrey One, the Doctor Who convention in Los Angeles - where I was a participant.

Originally this image was to be just a headshot, then I expanded to a torso shot with the gun, then full figure, then... it just kept going.

I did end up giving a copy to Freema at the show (after running into her twice before that), all of which is recapped in this blog post -> [link] <- but if you want to skip reading all of that, here's the pertinent part;

"It's me again," I said, when I finally got up to Freema, Sarah and Xander right behind me. She recognized us all (which, yes, I got a face, and a thing for a body, which makes me hard to forget - but she's seen THOUSANDS of fans this weekend - a few that actually do look like me - save for the cowboy hat). She definitely recognized Xander in his costume.

I had her sign the photo of Sarah, Xander, her, and I (seen above), and then I gave her a copy of IDW's Doctor Who: Tesseract trade, which collects my first Doctor Who arc, where Martha Jones was a guest star.

Freema Agyeman is either the best actress on Earth, or one of the nicest.

After I briefly explained what the book was, and what I did in it, I handed it to her, opened to my part, and she could've just said "thanks" and put it down at that point, but she actually took a minute to page through. She said I was "really talented" and thanked me. I then handed her the Martha Jones vs. Daleks print.

As mentioned previously, when we happened upon her in the elevator, she mentioned she had already seen it on Twitter. But, nevertheless, she thought it was impressive in person. So I took out another copy and asked her to sign it - she stared at it for a sec, then back down to the first print. Then she figured it out -- "this one's for me?" I emphatically stated yes. Then she stepped up to the largest bicycle pump she could find and inflated the hell out of my ego with compliments on my work, saying I was awesome, and talented, and that the copy I gave her would be "definitely going up on [her] wall."

I've had people compliment me on my work before, gushing about it. I've had people considered celebrities say nice things in person and on the web. I've never had someone considered a celebrity seem so excited in person to receive a piece of my artwork. I really can't describe how it makes me feel.

I've said before, I toil away in essentially a vacuum, with just my wife and three kids around. They're used to my artwork. Past that I get words on a screen, which, no matter how complimentary, are nothing compared to genuine reactions. So to get such a reaction from someone I've drawn, even BEFORE I ever met them (like I said, Martha was in that first Doctor Who arc I drew), it really floors me, and makes the silent work worthwhile.
I'd have to say that was the high point of the convention.
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February 20, 2013
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